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Fungus Toenail

A fungus toenail is a condition affecting the foot that changes the appearance and health of the toenail. Any of the toes can be affected from this, but mostly it shows up on the big and little toes. The reason people get fungus on their toenails is because of moisture in the shoes causing fungus to grow on the feet. The fungus then makes its way to the toenails. This problem affects many people, as they get older.

If you have tight fitting shoes, your chances are greater of getting fungus toenail. Many people believe that this can be spread from one person’s feet to another. Therefore, it is important to be careful when going barefoot in a public place. When you have toenail fungus, you will notice a discoloration of the toenails. They may turn yellow and sometimes even look brown. The toenail will appear to be thick and may look like it has debris under the nail. Sometimes you will notice a bad smell coming from the infected toenails.

When you have fungus toenail the best thing to do is go see a doctor so that a treatment can be started. Depending on how advanced the fungus is on the toenails the doctor may prescribe a topical or oral medication. If it is bad, the doctor may set up surgery to take the nail off. This is something that can be avoided by taking the proper steps to avoid fungus toenail.

To prevent toenail fungus it is a good idea to wear shoes that fit well and put on clean socks each day. Keeping your feet clean and your toenails cut can help. If your shoes get wet make sure they are dried out thoroughly before wearing them again. If your feet get wet, dry your feet well and wear sandals for a while.