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Fungus In Toenail

Fungus in toenail is an unsightly condition that can cause yellow, thick nails, white splotches on the nails, or even crumbling nails.  Although fungus in toenails is usually not painful, it often elicits emotional discomfort because of the disfigurement the fungus in toenail causes. If the fungus in toenail is left untreated, it can become painful as the nail crumbles and exposes the nail bed.

Onychomycosis, or fungus in toenail. is commonly caused by dermatophytes. These are organisms very similar to those found in ringworm and athlete’s foot infections in dry climates. Fungus in toenail can also be caused by Candida, a yeast-like fungus, in humid climates. Fungus in toenail can spread from person to person in locker rooms, communal showers and pool areas.  People with naturally thick nails, those with impaired circulation, and older people are all more susceptible to fungus in toenails. The dermatophytes or Candida infect the toenails through small cuts or scratches around the toenail or by cracks and separations between the toenail and the nail bed.

Fungus in toenail can be avoided in a number of ways. Toenails should be well-groomed. Keeping the toenails neatly trimmed and filed helps avoid fungus in toenail by protecting the nails from tears and damage. The feet and especially the toe area should be kept clean and dry. Change socks after vigorous activity, and consider getting moisture-wicking socks for exercise and sports. Foot powder can help keep the feet and nails dry and repel fungus in toenail. In locker rooms and public showers, try to minimize contact with surfaces where fungus in toenail organisms might lurk. Wear shower shoes or similar protection and clean and dry feet carefully after contact with these areas.

Fungus in toenail can be treated by topical medicines, oral medication, or in extreme cases, by surgical removal of the nail by a podiatrist. Recently, laser light therapy for fungus in toenail has become available in some areas. The fungus in toenail condition can be hard to treat with over the counter medications and may require several months of therapy to eliminate.